Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Writing is NOT like a Box of Chocolates....

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Yes!!!  Cherie, I could kiss you.  Okay, I'll admit that I left an unsubtle hint that I wanted a tag, but only because jumping in without an invite would feel like I'm stealing someone's chocolates.  And it's been nagging me since I saw Greenwoman's Meme floating around since I instantly knew how I'd answer. 

The rules:  Take the phrase “Writing is like . . .” and finish it. Post it on your blog. Tag three others to do the same. That is all. See how easy that is?

My answer:  Writing is like dumpster-diving.  You never know what you're going to find until you jump in and get dirty.  Maybe you first dive in because you see something interesting on the surface of your own trashcan.  You pull it out and put it on a shelf.  Maybe it's a rusted memory that needs a little polish.  Maybe it's precious keepsake in mint condition.

But as you dig deeper, you find things you never expected.  Maybe it's a disgusting pile of repressed emotions you never dealt with. Maybe it's a situation you regret.  You take it with you and clean it up.  If necessary, you fix it or upgrade it to look more pleasing before displaying it. 

Dumpster-diving is addictive, though.  The more times you dumpster-dive, the more you're willing to take home.  Soon, you're digging in other people's trash.  You're recycling and turning trash into treasure on a regular basis.  And you're so proud of your dumpster-diving achievements that you feel you must share the wealth.  Or maybe your garage fills up and you just need to give some things away to make room for more.

Either way, it stops being a private hobby.  It becomes a career where a lot of luck and effort can turn into a huge pay-day.


That's it for me.  I'm tagging:

1.  Stephen Duncan @ Ink Rock
2.  Kellie @ Tighty Writie
3.  Anyone and everyone who wants to join in the fun. Just leave a comment after you post so I can properly take the blame by listing you here.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Never thought of it as dumpster diving!

Stephen L. Duncan said...

Thanks for the tag!

cherie said...

This is EPIC, Ash! I'm glad I tagged you for the meme. =) (And I'm glad you asked me *grin*)

Love these lines:

"rusted memory that needs a little polish"
"disgusting pile of repressed emotions..."

Thanks for sharing!

Eli Ashpence said...

@Alex I'm seeing a lot of surprising answers to this meme. I'm not sure if anyone realizes how much character their answer can display.

@Stephen No thanks needed! :D

@Cherie I owe you one. :P I waited and waited for a tag, but I must have been under the radar too long.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed this before! I love it, what a great comparison!!!! You rock.